My name is Paddy Magrane. I am an integrative counsellor who trained at the University of East London, graduating in 2006. I worked in Hertfordshire before moving to East Devon, where I practised with the voluntary counselling service, Arc, for a number of years. Now a private practitioner, I am a member of the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP).

In my work, I draw principally on the approach of Carl Rogers, an American psychologist who pioneered the person-centred approach and believed that people have an innate ability to work towards their own self-fulfilment.

​I put you and your needs at the very centre of the counselling process, as opposed to working with any pre-formed theory or approach. This means it’s your view of reality at the heart of our work, rather than mine. I also believe that you have the strength and resources to bring about the change you need and it is my role to help you discover these.

I am also interested in the work of Carl Jung, a psychoanalyst who was fascinated by early childhood (and how it influences our adult lives) and the role of the unconscious and, in particular, dreams.

Above all, I aim to build a relationship of acceptance and trust – one in which you feel supported and able to explore your thoughts and feelings, make the changes you need, and work towards a sense of resolution and contentment.

The counselling process is not time limited although I tend to offer an initial contract of six sessions, after which we can review progress. If it’s mutually agreed that more time is needed, we can contract for more sessions.


Let’s face it, when life throws its worst, not all of us are equipped with the emotional and mental tools to cope.  Worse, if problems are so deep-rooted that they feel insurmountable, it takes a professional to guide you through rough and difficult terrain. This is where Paddy comes in.

He doesn’t tell you what to do. He doesn’t judge. He definitely doesn’t offer trite observations that will you make feel okay for a day. In calmly listening, he helps you to hear your own voice, to work out what you are really saying. When he drops in a question at just the right moment, the answer that might have eluded you for years, or in my case decades, shines clear and bright. Those positive feelings don’t desert you the second you walk out of the room. They are tangible, enduring and life-affirming. In the truest sense, he’s a liberator.


I came to see Paddy because of anxiety issues that were inhibiting my everyday life. From the first session, he was able to reassure me that my fears were valid. The roots and patterns of my worries started to make coherent sense via Paddy's expert observations. He was, from the outset, on my side. Together we were working out where I was 'stuck'. Over the course of six meetings the anxious feelings that had, for so long, been overwhelming started to become more manageable.  

Paddy is kind, calm, approachable and I have no hesitation in recommending him as a therapist.


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